School Overview

Every child’s education journey is unique. Over time, learners discover new skills and passions, and develop ambitions for the future. At Quest School, our responsibility is to work in partnership with parents to nurture our learners to face challenges with resilience and a problem-solving mindset. Our aim is to enable our learners to be well-prepared for a successful future and actively contribute to the world in which we share.


The vision of Quest School is to be an outstanding British International School in Bahrain with a reputation for excelling in meeting individual needs and preparing students personally, socially and academically for a successful future.

Mission Statement

To support the vision of our school our mission is to offer all our students the opportunity to pursue a world-class education by attending a school that is committed to implementing the best educational practices on a global scale, while being sensitive to cultural values. We will strive to be a community of learners who are intellectually adept, technologically proficient and ethically guided contributors to the world in which we share.

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