School Policies

Health & Safety

  • During school hours the school nurse is on duty
  • If a learner requires a visit to the hospital or medical clinic, parents will be notified
  • If emergency treatment is required, an ambulance will be called and parents will be notified
  • Any injury to the head, eg banged in the playground will be monitored by the nurse, and parents will be notified
  • A notice will be sent home to parents when head lice have been detected on a learner in their child’s class
  • The school nurse will contact parents if live head lice or eggs have been noticed on their child’s head
  • Learner's with live lice will be asked to stay home until the problem has been treated
  • Please provide a healthy lunchbox for your child
  • Learners need to bring a full water bottle to school each day
  • Learner are not allowed to bring soft drinks such as Coke or Miranda to school
  • The MOH in Bahrain has a recommended immunization schedule that is supported by Quest School
  • The Immunization Schedule can be found here: https://www.moh.govt.bh/HealthInfo/immunisations
  • The minimum immunization level Quest School will accept:
    • 3 DTaP (Diptheria,Tetanus, Pertussis)
    • 3 Polio
    • 3 PCB (Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine)
    • 1 Hepatitis A
    • 1 Hepatitis B
    • 1 MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
    • Meningococcal (ACYW)
    • 1 Varicella
  • If a learner does not have the above immunizations the school has the right to delay the learner's entry to the school
  • If a child is unwell parents will be contacted to collect the child to take to the doctor
  • Learner's will be required to wash their hands frequently during the day
  • If there is an infection extra cleaning protocols will be implemented
  • Any spillages of blood or body fluid will be cleaned up immediately
  • The school nurse is the designated faculty member who is responsible for giving prescribed medication to the learner's
  • Non-prescribed medication eg: Panadol will only be given by the school nurse with permission from the parents
  • All medication given by the school nurse will be recorded in a log book
  • Parents are to provide a hat from April to November
  • Faculty will practice Sun Smart behavior as role models
  • Students will be encouraged to hydrate by drinking water regularly
  • At times of extreme heat indoor play will be implemented at break times

Information Technology

  • The school will set clear expectations regarding the use of IT and the use of the Internet
  • Faculty model the safe and responsible behavior
  • The school will ensure that faculty and learners are aware of the procedures regarding the misuse of IT
  • If incidents arise they are to be reported on the same day they become apparent
  • The school will ensure that online activity is age appropriate and supports the learning objectives
  • The school will implement an effective online safety education programme
  • The school accepts no responsibility for the loss, theft, damage or insurance of personally owned mobile devices
  • Learners are encouraged to protect their own devices eg with the use of a password and with a protective cover
  • Learners are responsible for ensuring that there is no inappropriate material stored or downloaded onto their device
  • Misuse of a mobile device will be dealt using the same principles set out in the Behaviour Policy

Safeguarding & Privacy Policies

  • All parents and carers are expected to:

    • Respect the ethos and values of the School
    • Work with faculty for the benefit of the learners
    • Act in a respectful manner to All members of the Quest School community
    • If there is an issue or concern act in a manner that is consistent with the school procedures
    • Correct their child’s behavior especially where it could lead to conflict or unsafe behavior on the School’s premises

    To ensure a safe environment for all Quest School will not tolerate parents or carers exhibiting the following:

    • Disruptive behavior which interferes or threatens to interfere with any of the School’s operation or activities
    • Any inappropriate behavior on the School premises or surrounding parking areas
    • Physical contact with any child, with the exception of their own
    • Follow the advice and requests of faculty when on the premises
    • Threatening in any way a member of faculty, visitor or a learner
    • Damaging or destroying school property
    • Sending abusive or threatening emails or other forms of communication to anyone within the school community
    • Making derogatory or offensive comments regarding the School or faculty directly or on social media sites
    • Approaching another parent’s child in order to discuss or chastise them because of the actions of this child towards their own child
    • Smoking, taking illegal drugs or the consumption of alcohol on school premises

    Should any of the above occur on school premises, the School may find it necessary to take action by contacting the necessary authorities and/or consider banning the offending adult from entering the School.

  • Quest School will implement a range of employment procedures to ensure that appropriate and safe people are employed at the school. These will include:

    • Interview vetting
    • Reference Check
    • Where appropriate teacher register checking
    • Where appropriate requiring national registration/certification

    The School will also implement guidelines for contractors or visitors, volunteers,  external services working with our leaners

    Safeguarding will be incorporated into the Induction and CPD Programmes of the School

    The School will also have a robust process when responding to any concerns raised regarding learner safety

    The School will also ensure faculty and learners are aware of disclosure protocols and how they are to best respond

    The school will have a trained Child Protection Officer who will monitor and review our systems


  • Learners are expected to attend school each day for the whole school day
  • The attendance register is taken each morning on arrival to school
  • When learners are unable to attend the class teacher must be notified preferably in writing eg email
  • Parents are strongly discouraged from taking their child out of school during term.
  • Attendance and punctuality data are reported on in end of year reports to parents.
    • Every learner at Quest School is entitled to be safe and free from all types of bullying, harassment and anti-social behaviour
    • To ensure this happens the school will have in place a positive behavior for learning programme that promotes and rewards pro-social behaviours such as kindness and caring
    • The school will respond in a timely fashion to incidents of bullying
    • The school will implement the Behaviour Plan when dealing with incidents of bullying
    • Behaviour data will be kept and used to report to parents
  • Every learner is entitled to not have their learning disrupted by the behaviour of other learners.
  • To increase the likelihood of pro-social behaviour the school will implements a positive behaviour for learning programme
  • Teachers will be required to implement the programme including the collection of data. This data will be used for decision making purposes on how to support learners in learning the required behaviour
  • Where there is significant misbehaviour the school may implement a range of disciplinary sanctions including suspension and exclusion
  • Quest School is committed to providing the best educational experiences possible for students. We are however aware that at times parents may have concerns about an aspect of school life or an incident that has happened.
  • The school has procedures that are to be followed when making a complaint
  • Where possible complaints should be dealt with at the lowest level ie between the parties concerned
  • If the issue is not able to be resolved, then see the person next in the hierarchy.
  • It is expected that common sense and reasonableness is displayed by all parties.