Our Community

Enviro School

We all share the planet so we need to look after it. There is no Planet B. As a new school we have an opportunity to set up systems to make sure we Reuse, Recycle and Reduce. This will be part of the curriculum but also be part of the extra-curricular programme.

From Day One our Green Team of learners will be looking at ways to make this happen. Our aim to too empower our learners to look at solutions to challenges our school will face as we become environmentally friendly. Staff are excited about creating spaces within the school that help create awareness of our world. These spaces will include quiet spaces, gardens and recycling stations.
We are excited about linking with our wider community in participating in Earth Day and Beach Clean Ups.

Care for Others

Our curriculum and pastoral care systems encourage our learners to develop a strong moral character. Within the school we will actively look at celebrating kindness demonstrated by our learners. System will be based on rewarding and reinforcing those behaviours that we want to see such as honesty, care, persistence and resilience. By rewarding the required behaviour we increase the likelihood of that behavior becoming a regular habit. We want our school to be a safe space for all.

To continue building links with the wider community there will be opportunities for our learners and families to take part in Bahrain Events such as the Shoe Box Appeal, Autism Awareness Day, and Think Pink.

Our Quest to create building citizens who contribute positively to Bahrain and Beyond

Quest is about more than equipping our learners to pass exams. We want our learners to help create a better world by developing those traits society values.

Student Council

The voices of our learners is important to us. The student council meets regularly to express learner ideas and opinions and to plan school events.


At Quest School we value our parents. The PTA will link up with the senior management team and provide a voice for our families


Smile provides psychological and moral support to children with cancer in cooperation with various NGO’s, govermental and private institutions

Migrant Workers

Quest School believe that it is important to give back to the community. We Support migrant worker charities to help expatriate workers achieve basic human rights in Bahrain


Quest School supports the BSPCA. The BSPCA is a non profit organization dedicated to the welfare of animals