Quest School End of Term 3 Information


As we approach the end of Term 3 the school would like to provide some important information related  to key dates and timings over the coming days. 

After School Activities 

After School Activities have now come to an end. There will be no more after school activities from next  week. School will finish at 1.15pm for Nursery and 2.15/2.30pm for all other year groups. 

Year 7 Assembly 

Our last school-wide assembly for the year will be led by Year 7 Learners on Thursday, June 22, 2023,  from 8.15-9.00am. This will be an opportunity for Year 7 to share their music and drama skills. We will  also be presenting awards to Learners. To help families decide on their attendance emails will be sent in  advanced to parents to inform them of awards that are presented. We ask that you keep this a secret, so  Learners are surprised on the day. 

Whole School Fun Day 

After the Year 7 assembly, on Thursday, June 22 all Learners will be taking part in a whole school fun day.  The school grounds will have a range of Splash activities set up for different age groups including pools,  inflatables and football field filled with foam. All classes will also have a pizza party. We ask that you send  your child(ren) with the following items – 

∙ Swimsuit 

∙ Towel 

∙ Hat  

∙ Sunscreen  

∙ Flipflops 

∙ Towel 

∙ Changing clothes. 

The school day will have regular timings and finish at 1.15pm for Nursery and 2.15pm for all other year  groups. This will not be an early dismissal day. 

Children can wear mufti clothes that day and do not need to wear uniform. We ask you send your child in  with BHD 2. This BHD 2 will cover the cost of pizza, popcorn, an ice lolly, and a drink. This is to be handed  in to the teachers before Thursday. 

Exciting Projects over the Holidays 

The school over the past few months has seen huge interest in enrolments for next year. As such there  will be a few projects happening over the holidays including: 

∙ A library being developed with state-of-the-art furniture being delivered from New Zealand and  full IT suite. 

∙ A new Design Technology room being developed that will have ovens, sinks and equipment to  support Food Technology lessons. 

∙ The upper primary playground being completed in the open space by the greenhouse area.  ∙ New classrooms being developed in the Early Years building and upstairs to make room for more  specialist teachers joining middle years. 

End of Term 3 and Timings 

As the school prepares for renovations to happen over the holidays all classrooms need to be fully packed  away. Due to this reason, and the school having more days than other schools on their calendar this year  we have decided to finish school a day earlier to allow time for teachers to pack their classes. School will  now finish on Monday, June 26th. The school will still have a half day on the last day and early dismissal  of 11.15am for all learners. This will give teachers and staff one and a half days before the Eid break to  pack.