October 2023 Newsletter


Dear Parents and Caregivers, 

It has been an extremely positive and productive first six weeks back in school. We seem to be in top gear now and the school is full of activity. Walking through school I have seen lots of smiles and learning happening. Learners have been particularly engaged in topic lessons where we have had everything from mess and muck being created to taste buds being tantalized in our ‘Scrumptiousdillyumptious’ topic and a teddy bear’s picnic. I have enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm exhibited by Learners to share their work!

Today we celebrated Think Pink and had our Year 5 and 6 assembly. As a school we have raised over BHD  500. I am extremely greatful for everyone’s support in rasing money for this amazing cause. I am also proud of  our Year 5 and 6 learners who put on a fantastic assembly about ‘kindness’. What beautiful voices you have! 

Half term holiday 

The school’s half term holiday is from today with all Learners going home at 11.45am. School will resume on  Sunday, 29 October.  

Assessments and interim reports  

Baseline assessments are now complete and will form part of the interim reports that come out today. Student-led  conferences will be held on Wednesday, 8 November. Parents will be able to use this opportunity to discuss reports  and their child’s progress.  

Costume day 

On Tuesday, 31 October we invite Learners to wear a costume of their choice. Children are also encouraged to  bring sweet treats to share with their class. There will be a range of spooktacular activities and prizes for the best  dressed!  

Parent partnerships 

Thank you to all parents who expressed their interest to join our Parent Teacher Association (PTA). I am pleased to  announce that members have been confirmed and will have their first meeting after the half term holiday. I look for ward to working with the PTA group and supporting their quest to build a happy and engaged school community. 


It has been noted that many learners are coming into school with items of clothing and shoes that are not in line with  the school’s uniform policy. Please ensure your child is coming into school with the correct uniform. Notes will be  sent home after the half term holidays from teachers informing parents of items that do not adhere to the policy. We  understand that the House of Uniforms has not had all sizes available until recently. This issue has now been resolved.  

School ID passes 

Thank you to everyone who has been wearing their parent IDs. Although we have had to remind a few parents to  wear them, the majority are wearing passes. After the half term holiday parents and caregivers who do not wear  their passes will not be able to enter the main buildings. I would like to please remind you to not forget your passes  to avoid this inconvenience. 

Kind regards, 

Laura Murray BA, BCA, PGCE, M. Ed. 

School Principal


Nursery have had a fun and exciting month and are now all settled into their new classroom environment. Every  morning they enjoy taking part in their daily routines including greeting each other in our circle time, counting our  classmates and talking about ourselves. Our topic has been ‘Marvellous Me’ and we have been learning all about  Ourselves, discussing and exploring what we like and what makes us unique. The students drew some amazing  self-portraits! They love the outdoors and we have had lots of fun splashing in the water and engaging in many  sensory activities together. They are working hard on strengthening their hands, and fine motor skills. They enjoy cutti 

ng different materials and shapes and playing with the playdough. They have recently been introduced to the  season ‘Autumn’ and have made a beautiful display together using leaves and Autumn colours with paint, they also  discussed what type of clothing they wear when the weather changes. We are excited to explore and talk about  our families and what they mean to us. 

October has been a month of settling in and bonding in Reception. Our students have adjusted beautifully and  had the opportunity to get to know more about each other. Exploring the ‘Me and My Community’ topic brought  a deeper understanding of our surroundings. We thoroughly explored our senses, took time to understand the  roles of our family members, and learned more about our school community and community helpers. The exciting  educational activities, such as the fun-filled pool and popsicle day and the ice cream party, added an extra layer  of excitement and enjoyment to our month! We are excited to see what learning is in store next month.

Key Stage 1 

Year 1 have been very busy this October. Our topic Memory Box has helped us to learn all about memories from the  past and how we have grown over the years. We shared some of our baby pictures and talked about our favourite  toys from the past. We also made new memories with our friends at our Teddy Bears’ picnic at Budaiya Park. We had a  lovely time with our teddies and our friends! In science, we have been looking at our five senses and how we use them to  explore the world around us. We went on sound hunts, had taste tests and touched different objects in a feely bag. We  have been focusing on our numbers to 20 and have started addition. We are really getting the hang of counting on to  add two groups. We are excited to see where our learning takes us next!

Key Stage 2

This term, Year 2 classes have gotten messy and explored making a variety of mixtures in our unit, Mess, Muck, and  Mixtures. We have worked with different materials, such as clay, ice, food, oil, playdough, baking powder, conditioner  and more. Students enjoyed mixing, melting, and designing in our topic lessons. They sorted food in different ways and  observed and created foodscapes. In English, students learned descriptive words and how to use them. They described  food, themselves, characters, mixtures, and more. Students practised writing lists, recipes and instructions with imperative  verbs, food riddles and acrostic poems with adjectives and created a story animation. In Maths, Year 2 have focused  on number knowledge this term. We have practised place value in tens and ones, partitioning numbers, number bonds,  using a number line, comparing groups of objects and numbers, and skip counting by 10s, 5s, 2s and 3s, all to one  hundred. Year 2 students are ready for their break and excited to come back for the second half of term 1.  

Year 3 students are well settled in their new classrooms and familiar with their school and friends. The past few weeks we have  been focusing on building class culture, learning routines, and building relationships with our friends and teachers. Our topic  for the term was “Scrumdiddlyumptious” – What a mouth full! We incorporated all the subjects. In Maths, we worked hard on  addition, subtraction, place value, ordering numbers and have almost mastered our 2,3,5 and 10 times tables. We have been  reading the book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and are loving it. We are very confident now with when to use cap 

ital letters and where to use a full stop. We learnt about nonsense poems and enjoyed identifying the nonsense vocabulary.  We had so much fun in Science, History, Geography and DT, exploring what excessive consumption of sugar can do to our  bodies and teeth, creating food plates of the 5 food groups, researching James Lind, designing candy wrappers, making hot  chocolate, and exploding chocolate drops! We also learnt about healthy lifestyles and discovered that exercise and Vitamin  C is good for you. Did you know with a Vitamin C deficiency, you may end up with scurvy? We have had a fantastic half term,  and we look forward to seeing what is awaiting us the next term.

The Year 4 has settled in so well! They have been working very hard since the beginning of the academic year. In Maths,  we started with Place Value. Students learnt how to partition numbers, represent numbers on a number line and order  numbers to 10,000. They also revised rounding numbers to 1,000. They enjoyed learning about Roman Numerals, where  they explored the similarities and differences between the Roman number system and our number system. We have now  started with our addition and subtraction topic. Learners have added and subtracted numbers with exchanges and completed problem solving questions when finding missing digits.  

Our topic for this term was Blue Abyss. In English we explored and developed our vocabulary using videos, stories and  poetry. Learners composed their own aquatic poems and wrote dilemmas stories based on the ocean. We have used a  short film called ‘The Lighthouse’ to inspire lots of wonderful writing including, setting descriptions, diary entries and letter  writing. We have covered lots of grammar aspects and will continue with this throughout Year 4.  

In History, students loved learning about the Titanic. We explored primary sources and used evidence to decide who  was to blame for the ship sinking. Learners also explored the different oceans and some seas of the Earth in Geography.  Science has also been very exciting. The students learnt about MRS GREN (the 7 life processes) and we explored our  school environment on a ‘living thing’ hunt to find natural habitats. 

Key Stage 3 

Year 5 have had a fabulous start to this academic year. I am proud of how well they have settled back into school life  and become familiar with new routines. Our topic this term has been ‘Stargazers’. We have had numerous engaging  learning opportunities with more to come. We began by imagining what it would be like to stand on the planet Mars,  writing setting descriptions and character descriptions of an alien we met! Children have learnt how to use exciting  adjectives to paint a picture in the reader’s brain and how to use similes effectively. In maths, we have been  exploring place value in numbers all the way up to 1,000,000! Children have learnt how to read and write these huge  numbers as well as add and subtract with them. We are continuing to work hard on our knowledge of times tables. We  have continued our ‘Stargazers’ theme in our topic lessons where we have researched and created posters about the  different planets in our solar system for science. In history, we have been learning about some of the world’s most influential  scientists such as Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton. We have created character profiles and discussed the impact they  left on the world. It has been a term full of learning and laughter, and we look forward to the next one where our new  topic will be ‘Allotment’.  

Year 6 have had a wonderful start to the year. I am thrilled with how quickly they have settled in and how well they  participate in lessons and follow school routines. Our topic this term has been ‘ID’. We have delved deep into trying to  understand what makes us unique and how we can be identified. We have looked at how we can classify people based  on physical traits and compared these results to the student’s physical abilities. We started reading the novel ‘The Goldfish  Boy’ in English classes. We learned what inference is and how to make it. We searched for interesting, expanded noun  phrases in the book and then created our own. All students know how to summarise a chapter and will write a weekly  summary of the book they read. We also made a poster with the main character, Matthew. In Maths, we have recapped  our knowledge of place value and learned how to write numbers up to 10 million. In the last few weeks of term, we have  been practising using the column method to help us answer larger multiplication questions and have introduced the bus  stop method to help us with long division. The class have worked very hard this term and have enjoyed year 6 so far. Next  term, we will look into our new topic, World War 2.

Year 7 students had an exceptional first term at school, filled with diverse and engaging activities across multiple subjects.  One highlight was their history project centred around the Battle of Hastings. As part of this project, the students were  tasked with designing shields and swords that reflected the historical context of the battle. This allowed them to showcase  their creativity and deepened their understanding of the historical event. In addition to the history project, the students  had the opportunity to enhance their English writing skills. Through various writing exercises and assignments, they honed  their ability to express themselves effectively and articulate their thoughts. This focus on writing in English provided a solid  foundation for their language development and communication skills. These writing skills helped the students design their  sketch maps of their home countries in Geography, expressing their knowledge of home and various attractions around  the country by using their mapwork skills to apply the knowledge. 

Furthermore, the term included a strong emphasis on physical education. The students participated in various sports and  locomotive exercises, promoting physical fitness and overall well-being. These activities encouraged teamwork and  sportsmanship and instilled a sense of discipline and perseverance in the students. The term also allowed students to  improve their mathematical and scientific skills. Through experiments in science and operations in maths, they could use  calculations and apply their knowledge to strengthen their understanding of these subjects. 

The first term has been busy but very productive for the class of year 8. I have been very impressed with the students’  level of interest and maturity thus far, and I look forward to seeing what the rest of the year has to bring. The students  consistently performed well in Maths throughout the term. They have a solid grasp of mathematical concepts such as  ratios, algebra and multiplication and division of fractions and integers. They also have shown excellent proficiency in  problem-solving. They actively engage in class activities and consistently complete homework assignments on time. Their  dedication and effort in improving their mathematical skills are evident. 

In Science, we covered a range of disciplines, including biology, chemistry, and physics. Students explore topics like cells  and organisms and chemical reactions. They conducted experiments, analysed data, and developed scientific inquiry  skills. 

In Geography, the students studied the physical and human aspects of the world. They learnt about different ecosystems,  climate patterns, population dynamics and global issues. Students also developed map-reading skills and investigated  the relationships between people and their environments. In History, the students have shown a genuine interest in the  subject. All the students actively participated in class discussions and used their ability to analyse historical events and  the significance of Queen Elizabeth.  

Students were very busy in English. We revised a lot of basic facts about English grammar and expanded our  knowledge about pronouns, different types of verb tenses, homonyms, and collocations. Students started bringing  articles from a newspaper to share some news of the week. We write a weekly book summary and will soon begin to  read our first novel this year. 

The students actively participated in Physical Education classes and consistently demonstrated good sportsmanship  and teamwork. They have improved their physical fitness and consistently followed instructions during various physical  activities. The student’s positive attitude and commitment to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle are commendable. 

Overall, the students have shown outstanding dedication and effort across all subjects. They consistently met or exceeded  expectations and actively engaged in their learning. With continued focus and determination, the students are well-po sitioned to further their success through the year 8 academic journey.