Across the school from Early Years to Year 6 teachers use a variety of methods to monitor learners’ progress and build up a comprehensive picture of the “whole child”. They use this knowledge to identify and address the individual needs of their learners. They can then help learners to set goals to achieve their next learning steps.

Assessment is designed to help the learner know what the next steps in their learning are. At Quest we believe that it is critical that the student is engaged in their learning. The teacher’s role is to enable the learner to take the next step by providing quality feedback. Assessment is far more than a test, it involves the teacher knowing the learner and ensuring they know what the next steps are.

Assessment is both formal and informal and happens on a daily basis. As learners progress through the school a greater number of formal assessments are used to complement the on-going, day-to-day assessments. These include GL Assessments and Phonics Testing.

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