February 2024 Newsletter


Dear Parents and Caregivers,

It has been great to spend some time in classes this half term and see the enthusiasm students have displayed for topics. We have had everything from dinosaurs visiting the school, to pharaohs from Ancient Egypt. We have also had many events at the school including our Year 4 assembly and Graffiti and Shop Days. I loved seeing the enthusiasm of students taking part in these events – they showed a very keen interest in getting the Year 3 team and myself covered in paint on Graffiti Day!

This half term we also had students from Years 6 to 8 go on our first international school trip to Ras Al-Khaimah. Although it was an early departure on Sunday morning our students were extremely excited to go on an adventure abroad without mum and dad. Parents showed more nerves than our students as their children departed for the first time. I am pleased to say the trip has gone extremely well with our students wanting to find out where the next trip overseas will be!