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The Quest School of Bahrain is a new British International Curriculum School in Bahrain. Quest School offers classes in Nursery to Year 9 for children ages 3 to 14 years, with further classes planned to open in the following academic years.

What Our Parents Say

Welcome to Quest

Welcome to Quest School Bahrain, where children are at the forefront of all that we do. Our staff is committed to creating a nurturing and inclusive environment that fosters both safety and excitement in learning. By engaging our learners in this process, we’ve been able to incorporate their innovative ideas into the very fabric of our teaching approach at Quest.

While we continue to enhance our physical resources, our focus extends beyond the tangible. At Quest, we are committed to cultivating not just knowledge, but also the personality and character of our students. We understand that upholding strong values and positively contributing to society is as important as academic success.

We believe that the education of a child is a collaborative journey, and parents and families play an integral role in this. By working together, we ensure that every learner who attends Quest School leaves with more than just an education – they leave with the tools and values necessary to make a positive impact in the world.

Why Quest School Should Be Your Choice?

British International School

Quest School, a newly-established British International Curriculum School in Bahrain, offers classes from Nursery to Year 9 for children aged 3 to 14. We are committed to extending our academic offerings in the coming years.

At Quest, we believe that education is about more than physical infrastructure – it’s about shaping individuals.

  • Our dynamic curriculum is designed to foster curiosity and encourage students to follow personalised learning paths.
  • Recognising the financial challenges that families may face, we have priced our fees competitively without compromising on the quality of education.
  • Our extraordinary teaching staff puts children at the centre of their teaching philosophy, ensuring a child-centric learning environment.
  • The educators at Quest are devoted to making a lasting difference in our students’ lives.
  • We value family involvement and encourage it as an integral part of our community culture.
  • By working hand-in-hand with our students, we aim to nurture not just better students, but better people.



December 2023 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Caregivers, Although December has been a shortened month at school it has been action packed! We had our Years 7&8 assembly, kings


October 2023 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Caregivers,  It has been an extremely positive and productive first six weeks back in school. We seem to be in top gear


PTA Formation 2023-24

Quest School is inviting new members to join the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) for the 2023-2024 academic year. The PTA was established in 2022 and the school would like to continue to develop and extend their excellent work. It is envisaged that the PTA will provide an open forum to parents and caregivers to contribute ideas for initiatives that will benefit the whole school community.

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